RIP Sir David Amess, 1952 – 2021

RIP Sir David Amess, 1952 – 2021

SAVS on behalf of the wider voluntary sector are saddened to learn of Sir David Amess’ passing through such tragic circumstances. Our deepest sympathies are with his family, friends, colleagues and community in these difficult times.

David deeply cared for the voluntary sector across Southend, passionately providing support and advice to a wide range of organisations. Many voluntary sector groups greatly benefitted from his time: listening to their needs, supporting their aims and engaging others to ensure their continuation.

Also the actions he took to help individuals who sought his help at times of trouble and distress. He positively championed the rights of all faith groups to actively pursue their faith and supported their communities to thrive in Southend. He was diligent in attending as many local events as he possibly could, whether these were high profile or a small gathering around a specific issue.

Our community will sadly miss his energy, passion, determination and belief that Southend is a great place for all its residents to live and work together.

Jamie Langstone