Schools and organisations urged to pledge support for plastic recycling project

Schools and organisations urged to pledge support for plastic recycling project

Businesses and schools are being urged to show their support for reducing plastic waste by registering their interest for the PlastiCity pledge ahead of its launch on 10/11/22.

PlastiCity is a three-year research project which is aiming to increase the amount of commercial and industrial plastics recycled in the 2 Seas region – England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Since launching in 2019, the project team have been speaking with schools and businesses across the City to look at how they recycle their plastic and provide sessions on how to reduce plastic use and increase plastic recycling rates.

The PlastiCity team is asking any school or organisations in Southend-on-Sea to register an interest in signing up to the PlastiCity pledge. To complete the pledge, registered schools and businesses will complete a total of six milestones and choose challenges that each contain resources and guidance to make the process simple and effective.

By joining the pledge, you will commit to reducing plastic waste and improve recycling quality and rates by:

  • learning about best practices from PlastiCity resources
  • making efforts to improve your recycling performance
  • measuring and reporting on your improvement


Registered organisations will gain many benefits, including free mixed recycling waste collection boxes, increased exposure through social media and the council’s new Southend Climate Action website, access to free training, case studies and materials, as well as having the knowledge that they are pioneering an important environmental project in Southend-on-Sea, with the aim of helping businesses across the country to take action on plastic waste. Importantly, organisations will also be fit for future regulations.

Together we can make a positive impact in the community! Register today and take part in the pledge. 

Jamie Langstone