SEACA end of year thanks

SEACA end of year thanks

As we come to the end of 2020, we at South Essex African Caribbean Association (SEACA), would like to take a moment to reflect on memorable moments and thank all those who participated in events and joined in to celebrate each and every achievement.

The amazing team of SEACA and Dr Winifred Eboh and Adjuah Ebo put the call out to female entrepreneurs through out Essex and had the opportunity to platform some stunning and brave women in business showcasing their products.
We were fortunate enough to have as our Guest Speaker Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu.

Who knew we would be facing such challenges, as the Coronavirus epidemic spread, and which quickly manifested into a major pandemic?

With the situation of holding, creating or facilitating events being restricted, we thought about how best we could still engage with the community.

We were lucky enough to receive financial support from the Essex Community Foundation with the assistance of Essex Cultural Diversity Project to put together a project, called Stepping Out, looking at what effect Covid 19 was having on people and the experiences they were going through, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  As a collaboration with Label Free Creativity, and endorsement from Southend Association of Voluntary Services, (SAV’s) the outcome would ultimately be a reflection of this unprecedented period in time, as an archive, which would be physical in the future, but in the
meantime will eventually be a digital online exhibition.

Members of SEACA also collaborated with EVEWRIGHT on his amazing photographic installations called Tilbury Walkway of memories.  Although completed, we were unable to view the physical exhibition because of government restrictions and an online exhibition was created with again the hope of a physical attendance that we look forward to in 2021


Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories
Spring / Summer 2021

As Government restrictions eventually relaxed allowing us to have some kind of normal outlook, we held two events:

Picnic in the Park – to bring some physical inter-generational experience and a moment of spending some quality time, with families as a way of combating the isolation we were all going through.

Next up was a Barbecue on the Beach – as the final event.  It was a joyous celebration of good food, good company, and some fun, as the end of the summer approached and just before more notifications, as the government announced, we would be going into further lockdowns.

We also held an online event, In Conversation looking at the creative cultural offer in Southend, which was well attended and really highlighted how many talented creative people are based in Southend and surrounding areas of Essex.

In 2021, we envisage there will be lots more collaborations, to enable a more diverse variety of events that can be achieved in Southend.

In July 2021 there will be the Hamlet Court Road in Harmony Festival celebrating and bringing the community together while platforming businesses in Westcliff and promoting the fact, that it has a thriving business community.  There will be stage with live performances, business stands, arts and crafts and activities for the children.   For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at, Email:

On behalf of the South Essex African Caribbean Association, we wish you a Happy New Year and I look forward to seizing opportunities and to “making something happen in 2021”.

TRUSTEE’S OF SEACA:  Sarah Bedell, Shauna Creary, Patrick Graham and Tanesha Baxter

With all best wishes
Josephine Melville
South Essex African Caribbean Association