See-Hear-Respond programme

See-Hear-Respond programme

Are you finding life with young children a challenge? You’re not alone! With the stresses of the ongoing pandemic, many parents are facing new challenges and at times have found it hard to keep their family happy and healthy.

This Autumn, HENRY is working with Barnardo’s to support parents with children under 5 by running small online groups for parents and carers through See, Hear, Respond.

What is See, Hear, Respond?

See, Hear, Respond is a series of 4 online parent support sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, for parents and carers with young children.

What will See, Hear, Respond cover?

Our friendly team will make sure each group is tailored to cover the things that are most helpful to families taking part, but topics covered during the weeks will include:

Looking after young children’s physical and emotional needs
Reducing stress for all the family
Healthy daily routines – from eating, active play to bedtimes and more
Practical parenting tips and ideas to reduce arguments and keep everyone happier

If you would like to take part please fill in our online form. Or call Barnado’s free on 0800 157 7015 and ask to be put on a HENRY SHR online group.