Shorter Showers Challenge – Anglian Water

Shorter Showers Challenge – Anglian Water

If we all kept our showers to 5 minutes, our region could save nearly 200m litres of water every day, that’s like leaving the tap running for 60 years. You can save water, energy and money, just by keeping your shower to 5 mins.

Did you know?

  • Heating water accounts for 12% of typical energy bills
  • 70% of water usage is in the bathroom
  • Almost 40% of water we use at home is used in the shower
  • Showering just 1 minute less saves £8 in energy per year.


Shower Personality Test

Take the shorter shower challenge and set your timer to just 5 minutes max a day. Showering for just one minute less saves around 10 litres of water and around £8 in energy costs per year – this could help save each household an over 28,000 litres of water and £100 in energy and water every year. Take the shower personality test and find out what your shower habits reveal.

Shorter Shower Challenge Spotify Playlist

Make shorter showers fun by using our playlist of songs that last only 5 minutes max. Mainly using well-known belly blasters. With a
few songs featuring ‘water’ amongst them. The playlist can also be used as a tool for customers to time their showers.

Spotify – Take The Shorter Shower Challenge

Additional Resources to save on water

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