Southend Council Tender for Empowering Family Services – Closes Midday 20th June

Southend Council Tender for Empowering Family Services – Closes Midday 20th June

Southend-on-Sea City Council is seeking to award a contract for the provision of Empowering Families Services in Southend-on-Sea.

The Council will require the successful provider to recruit, train and develop a number of specialist community volunteers to offer long term mentor support to vulnerable families.

This will predominantly involve working with families where there is active involvement from children’s social care and children are identified as Children in Need or with a Child Protection Plan.

The successful provider will need to ensure the volunteer mentors have the necessary commitment, personal qualities, skills, and confidence to positively contribute to improving outcomes for vulnerable families.

The service will contribute to achieving the following outcomes:

  • Improved wellbeing of the family – including areas around housing, finance, employment, education, and health
  • Families are empowered – families are stronger, more confident and feel more in control of their lives
  • Families are resilient – there is a reduced need for support from specialist services, including children’s social care

The current service provider has a number of experienced volunteers who may not transfer to volunteer for another service provider, therefore any new service provider will need to ensure they have volunteers available to provide the service from 1st October 2023.

Service providers are invited to view the documents and submit their tender before the closing date on Tuesday 20th June at 12 Noon.

Please view the documents here with reference DN664486.

Faye Owens