Systems Leadership Training from Homeless Link

Systems Leadership Training from Homeless Link

We are pleased to announce that from July 2021, Homeless Link will be providing a further, national programme of training in Systems Leadership, delivered in partnership with the Leadership Centre.

Background and Training Overview

We’re inviting frontline staff to attend a Systems Leadership programme designed to raise awareness of the power of influence at all levels, and in shifting thinking, behaviour and action.

Covid has shone a light on how so many issues around homelessness are interconnected with health and wider public services.  In response we are inviting front-line staff to join a programme designed to help them identify opportunities to influence their local systems and create lasting change which will support our sustainable recovery from Covid. It is likely that many of the issues that front-line staff are grappling with are complex and multi-faceted:  no easy or one-stop solution and they will require people to work together across boundaries.

This programme will:

  • build on a person’s ability (and confidence) to work across sectors
  • equip participants with the skills to achieve better outcomes, including their ability to talk with managers
  • bring forward new ideas and approaches


This training programme is available for both members and non-members of Homeless Link and you don’t need to work directly within the homeless sector for this training to be of benefit to you and your organisation. It is also open to frontline managers who are still actively involved in frontline work.

Working alongside the solution focused principles that we use in delivering our Communities of Practice this will support attendees to use an approach that can shift the way people think; how they behave; and what happens on the ground as a result.

Following the programme we may also ask you to co- facilitate or present your learning at one of our Communities or Practice.

Course Details

Workshop 1: The fundamentals: making the system work for you

Workshop 2: Tools in our armoury: Reflective practice and reframing

Workshop 3: Tools in our armoury: Public narrative

Workshop 4: Using our influence and making change happen

We will be delivering the training to 3 cohorts with programme dates as follows;

  Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4


Cohort 1

Fully Booked


Thursday 22nd July Thursday 9th September Thursday 21st October Thursday 2nd December
Cohort 2


Tuesday 14th September Tuesday 26th October Tuesday 7th December Tuesday 18th January
Cohort 3


Tuesday 12th October Tuesday 23rd November Tuesday 11th January Tuesday 22nd February



Training will take place from 9.30am until 12.30pm over four sessions.

Register a Place

To register a place on any of the above cohorts, please use the Registration links below. Please ensure that applicants are able to attend all four sessions.

Cohort 1 Register Here

Cohort 2 Register Here

Cohort 3 Register Here

About the Leadership Centre

The Leadership Centre ( has over seventeen years’ experience in strengthening leadership across public services.  Founded in 2004, the Centre specialises in strengthening leadership in complex and changing environments, and addressing deep-seated issues where there are no immediate or easy answers.  That said, we believe that leadership development, done well, can have a transformative effect, driving and sustaining change in organisations and across systems. We aim to give people the opportunity to shift their thinking about leadership, so that they can come together to work in new ways.

Eligibility and Funding

  • We ask that as part of your role, you provide support to people who are rough sleeping, or homeless as part of your normal job role.
  • The cost of the course will be covered by Homeless Link, as funded by MHCLG.
  • Please note that should you register for a place and then not attend/complete the training, your organisation may be charged the full amount of £225pp. Where possible we will look to accommodate people on alternative available dates.


Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this training if you have already participated in Systems Leadership Training delivered by Homeless Link previously. If you are unsure about this, please contact your local Partnerships Manager.

Jamie Langstone