Talk to us – Healthwatch Southend

Talk to us – Healthwatch Southend

Talk to us!

Healthwatch Southend has to ask local people what they think the main issues are about NHS and adult social care services. We use this to agree what we do over the next year or so to make sure the NHS and Council know what you think is good and bad about local services. We’re not employed by the NHS or the Council, but together we can make things better.

  • How do you feel about using your phone or computer to “see” your GP?
  • If you or someone in your family has mental health issues, do you get the support you need in the community?
  • If you have problems with your vision, does the Hospital make sure you can read and understand letters of leaflets; can you find your way around the Hospital?


These are the sorts of things where we can gather more local people’s views, whether you use services or know someone who does, perhaps as an unpaid or paid carer. We take this feedback to the people who pay for services on your behalf, or those who provide them. We ask them to think about what you have said and make changes.

We’re not a huge team, so we do need to choose which areas to work on. To help this process, let us know which ONE or TWO things you are worried about – either because it’s good and you don’t want to lose it, or because it could be better.

Call us on (01702) 416320, send an email to, or fill in the contact form on our website