TEEN FLASH is a project working with young people (aged between 11-16) who are coping with their daily lives by engaging in self-harming behaviours. New workshops for the young people start in Colchester in October.

The young people who have attended our past groups have found it helpful, here is just one comment “TEEN FLASH is really informative and helpful and a lot less scary than what you’d expect. Everybody is so kind and you aren’t ever judged, believe me you’d love it. I liked making new friends, being able to trust someone”.

There is an introduction session on the 17th of October for young people interested in TEEN FLASH.  At this session they will get an overview of the workshops and then they can make up their minds if they wish to attend the workshops or not.

Before you start the workshop we offer a a Introduction Session, which allows young people to decide whether the course is for them. Myths and facts of self-harm, what the group offers and what’s expected if they attend.

Find the referral form and more information here.