Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor

Earlier in the year we decided to make Ticket Tailor free for online events to support those of you who are turning to an online format to keep your events ticking over. Since then over 600,000 tickets have been sold for online events totalling over £6M ($7.8M) in ticket sales. Amazing! We are so glad to have been a part of that.

We were hoping that by now events would be back up and running, but sadly it is taking longer than expected for our industry to get back to normal. So, this week we are excited to announce that we are extending our free for online events offer until the end of the year.

Thanks to all of you who took part in our survey, which our Head of Growth, George, has summarised into an interesting read on the blog. We had almost 500 responses and donated £1 ($1.30) to a Covid-19 relief fund for every response. The insight was so helpful and will guide our product development for the rest of the year to ensure that we can adapt to meet the evolving needs you have.

Despite the troubling times, we are seeing encouraging signs of growth, and we are ever optimistic at Ticket Tailor HQ. The team is growing, and we are working full steam ahead to deliver some exciting new features.

Thanks to all of you who continue to use and support Ticket Tailor. You drive us forward and we really appreciate it!

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