Triple Ts are getting creative to promote care for our environment

Triple Ts are getting creative to promote care for our environment

The Triple Ts Youth Clubs, Anglian Water and local artist Scotty Brave are joining forces to help promote ways we can all look after Southend.

Over a series of workshops, the 8-13 year old Triple Ts will be working with graffiti artist Scotty Brave to create colourful and impactful artwork which helps to promote Anglian Water’s ‘Keep it Clear’ campaign. A final design will then be spray painted and displayed publicly in Southend.

The project will share the message that our toilets are only for the ‘Three Ps’ – ‘Pee’, ‘Poo’ and ‘Paper’. Flushing other items down the toilet, as well as fats down the sink, can lead to huge build ups in our sewer system known as ‘Fatbergs’. These can then lead to flooding and pollution of the local environment.

Hayley Duff, Young Person’s Development Manager, said: “The Triple Ts are very passionate about Southend and looking after our seaside. We’ve worked with Anglian Water on similar campaigns in the past, and this is another exciting opportunity for the children to promote a positive message. They are all really looking forward to their workshops with Scotty Brave, who is a very talented artist in Southend.”


You can learn more about the Triple Ts Youth project here:

You can learn more about Anglian Water here:

Jamie Langstone