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We’re currently looking to grow our wonderful team of volunteers, who help deliver sessions, support the children and bring fun and enthusiasm to the clubs.
Can you, or someone you know, help by donating 2 hours of your time each week?
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About the project

Children from central Southend have Triple T’s clubs to help inspire them and raise their aspirations with thanks to funding from BBC Children in Need.
Funding provides weekly sessions for youngsters aged 8-12 years.

The clubs give the youngsters the chance to try out new activities such as first aid, and learn more about the place they live through visits to and from local organisations and services.

We aim to give the youngsters the opportunity to broaden their outlook and achieve their full potential.

TTT Main

Aims of Triple Ts

Building Confidence

Improving Wellbeing

Educate about Hidden Harms

What we do

Triple Ts Youth Clubs


There are 3 Triple T’s clubs in Southend which are located on the main estates; Balmoral, Queensway and Woodgrange. These are considered to be the most disadvantaged areas of Southend-on-Sea. Since the Triple T’s project began, we have worked with over 300 children between the ages of 8-12.


Turning Tides youth project, Triple T’s, creates a programme of activities which are designed to continually develop each individual child in the best way by:


Building Confidence
Each week, children are encouraged to interact with other club members through a range of planned activities and at the core of this is increased confidence and self-belief.


Improve Wellbeing
Sessions are designed to be active, develop personal skills and introduce healthier ways of living for the children. We are always looking for new types of activities to help improve both the physical and mental wellbeing of the Triple Ts.


Educate about hidden harms
During each year, we plan talks, visits and activities to raise awareness of the risks and dangers buried in hidden harms. We are lucky to have access to many local charities and organisations who provide a fun and interactive way for the children to learn.

TTT Special You Decide

You Decide


Throughout the year, Triple Ts take part in fundraising activities like sponsored walks, litter picks and bag packing at the supermarket. All the money raised during these sessions goes into the ‘You Decide’ fund. During the summer, Triple Ts can then pick an adventure to go on which is all paid for by the fund. It’s a great way to help others while helping themselves.

TTT Special Hucklow Holiday

Summer Holiday


Every year we take around 25 children to Hucklow in Derbyshire for a week long trip, kindly donated by the ‘Send a child to Hucklow’ charity. The trip is a great way to build confidence in the children and provide them with experiences they wouldn’t typically have the chance to do. We do lots of outdoor activities while getting to know each other better. .

TTT Special Xmas

Christmas Party


In December, all of the Triple Ts join together for a big celebration of the year. We hire out whole venues like bowling, laser tag or roller skating and treat everyone to a nice dinner to say thank you for a wonderful year. Also, if all the children have been good that year, there are normally some extra treats and surprises from a certain special person.

To find out more call the Triple Ts Team on 01702 356 073

Example Sessions

Latest News from the Triple Ts

Triple Ts Case Study

TTT Volunteer

Vicky Young

Triple Ts Volunteer


I have been lucky enough to help out at the TTT’S club and do some great activities with them recently. We have not long got back from a week long amazing holiday that was provided by Turning Tides, all expenses paid. Being in the same situation as a lot of the other parents that have children attending the club, I  know that this may have been the only chance for our children to have a holiday this year. It was amazing watching all the children bond, mix, grow and support one another.


I get great satisfaction out of helping others. I love seeing the kids’ faces when we help them achieve something they never thought was possible. It is that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your body when you know your making a difference to somebody’s life. I have gained so much from being a volunteer, it has pushed me to be brave and do things I thought I’d never do. SAVS helped build my confidence which before doing this was non-existent and now I feel like myself again. They have also helped me gain employment and even the title of citizen of the year. I can’t be thankful enough for the friendly staff that took me on board and have given me the opportunities I have had. I have loved every moment of being a volunteer and hope there will be many more adventures to come.

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