Well, Ready and Together

Well, Ready and Together

Breaking Isolation & Improving Wellbeing

Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS) have been awarded £536,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) Reaching Communities programme. The funds will run until 2024 and will enable a delivery of a new initiative called Well, Ready & Together. The project will provide opportunity and information to isolated residents and those looking to improve their wellbeing living in Southend.

This initiative will be delivered through the Community Support Team and Supported Volunteering Manager of Turning Tides; a project managed by SAVS.

The aim of the “Well, Ready & Together” project is to reduce isolation and loneliness that many over 55’s in Southend experience as well as providing people across all age groups the opportunity to improve their wellbeing by raising awareness of how volunteering can help benefit peoples mental and physical wellbeing.  There will be a particular wellbeing focus to engage18-25year olds and a dedicated Young Adult Worker role is to be recruited into the team.

The work will engage 500+ residents during the funding period and the location of the activities will mainly be at the SAVS Centre and other satellite Hubs in the Borough. The following outcomes will benefit members

  1. Increased confidence
  2. Decreased isolation & loneliness
  3. Improved sense of wellbeing


People in the Lead

SAVS will create a ‘citizens panel’, with representation from residents who have lived experience of ill mental health and isolation. This panel will oversee the delivery, co-produce and co-design initiatives, new solutions and activities within the new project.

Hub Service

Hubs for people age 60 and over experiencing isolation will be delivered by the Turning Tides Community Support Team, who have a vast knowledge of services and organisations in Southend, along with years of experience working with the community to improve quality of life. Home visits can be made to those with restricted mobility that cannot access the Hubs.

There will be the delivery of a weekly Shoebury Hub based at 151 West Road and a daily Central hub based at the SAVS Centre in Alexandra Street, Southend.  A venue for a potential Hub in the West is to be sourced.

There are also Muddy Hubs which are delivered weekly at the Norwich Avenue and Edwards Hall Allotments and a series of Sandy Hub beach hut dates will operate across the summer.


Support to identify skills, goals and training needs will be provided to help match people to a suitable volunteer role. An introduction to volunteering will be offered through regular ‘Bitesize’ one off volunteering opportunities.

Socialising Support

A monthly ‘social group’ will take place to discuss volunteering, share local information and provide an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.   This will also encourage arts and culture as a way to socialise amongst the membership – ideas will be led by a group of members.

To find out more please call the Community Support Team on 01702 356070 or alternatively email turningtides@savs-southend.co.uk

Anthony Quinn, SAVS Deputy Chief Executive said:We are delighted with the news. The funds will enable SAVS to continue to work alongside the community in a strength based way. People will lead the work which will provide opportunities for the community to reconnect and build strong social networks. This is extremely important as the country moves slowly out of lockdown and the challenging situations we have all experienced.”

Dennis Flateau explains how SAVS has supported him over the years

Dennis Flateau, Supported Volunteer, age 37 said: “Hearing of the funding is such wonderful news, over the last few years I’ve been supported by SAVS through all manner of aspects of my life. Without this support I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have long term mental health issues and face my struggles everyday but I’m a lot stronger than I used to be and that’s thanks to SAVS and the recognition and support that they give. I hope many more people access this support and gain the benefits I have. ”