You’re invited to launch our *New* Community Allotment in Southend – Raw Learning

You’re invited to launch our *New* Community Allotment in Southend – Raw Learning

We would like to invite you to a ‘ GRAND Opening Event’ at our Raw Learning Kitchen.

When: Sunday 31st July 2022 at 2pm
Where: Eastern Avenue Allotments 197 Eastern Avenue, Southend-on-sea, SS2 4BU
What: Some outdoor delights and delicacies and an opportunity to meet some of the dedicated team.
Parking: Please park in Garon’s car park or Waitrose car park and walk to the allotment, due to limited spaces and respecting our allotment neighbours.


Raw Learning has opened their ‘Raw Kitchen’ at the Eastern Avenue Allotments with the aim of improving children’s learning by allowing them to get closer to nature.

We are providing a community space for children and young people in Southend and the surrounding areas to be able to enjoy the benefits of learning about the journey of farm to the table ethos along with our qualified English teacher that teaches communication skills.

This supports children and young people who struggle to communicate due to their difference/s and helps them to find their voice and allows them to be able to express themselves.

Being outside and around nature can result in significant improvements in self-esteem, mood. It reduces depression, confusion and tension alongside meeting the children’s sensory needs with tailored activities that can support them to regulate.

Raw Learning is an organisation that aims are to improve a child’s life by being closer to nature, providing equality in learning, and promoting well-being.

Our goals are to support children with a learning difference or mental health issues to respect their needs and embrace their authentic self.

Being ‘different’ does not have to be a barrier to accessing education or prevent them being part of a community.

Raw Learning provide opportunities for children with a learning difference or anxiety associated with their disability to develop appreciation and understanding of the natural environment.

Our activities and environment encourages exploration, flexibility, creativity, innovation and the chance for the children or young person to be child led to learn.

Our highly skilled teachers and facilitators are on hand to support, listen and build trust to support the learners.

We also run Forest Sessions for children and young people with a learning difference and social and emotional health needs in Hockley every morning 9.30-12 in term time. Contact for a tour.

We would love you to attend. Please RVSP.

Jamie Langstone